sábado, 23 de novembro de 2002

"Somedays I cry alone, but i now I'm not the only one, I'm here and another day's gone. I don't wanna die, please be there when I arrive..." (Falling Again - Lacuna Coil)

"Hiding all my fear
my nightmare is becoming real
take a look at me
I'm a loser

Hiding all my crimes and then
forgetting all my ideas
Take a look at me
I'm a loser" (1:19 - Lacuna Coil)

"Don't tell me why
I'm so near to commit a crime
when I stay alone here in front of you
(I'm here)

illusion falls when you're not honest about the way I feel
I know I need only your voice...

and I'm lonely here inside of me
deep inside of me
I've never
never felt myself this way before
I don't want to leave you with my tears
If you'll disappear

Believe in the light in me" (Cold Heritage - Lacuna Coil)

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